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Gwen started working in journalism on the news desk of ABC News one week before a traffic accident sparked the first Palestinian uprising against Israeli rule in the West Bank and Gaza. From there she went on to cover two Gulf Wars, a second uprising, an interim peace accord with the Palestinians, the peace agreement with Jordan, Israel’s unilateral withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and the three military conflicts that ensued. She went from desk assistant to writer to bureau chief to senior writer and has worked for The Associated Press, Reuters and Bloomberg News.

All this was definitely not something that came naturally to her. She majored in dance and creative writing in college, planned to cover the arts and write novels. But when she came to Israel looking for a job, a friend said she should give journalism a try and she figured why not. It was exciting and new, but there was always the niggling need to give a story more space, give the people more of a voice. That’s hard to do when what matters is what’s happening right now. And there is always a lot happening in Israel and the Palestinian territories.


Journalism has been both a muse and an entrance into worlds she might never have encountered. It has taught her much about narrative and research, writing well and writing fast, getting it right the first time.  Before writing a novel, she wrote a collection of short stories. Two have been published, one was a runner-up for an award, a third will be coming out this fall.


Today she covers less of the conflict and more of Israel’s thriving technology industry, writing stories that are a deep dive into scary futures like cyber attack or amazing ones where robots helped care for our elderly. This and more will inform one of her next books (she’s working on two.)

Goddess of Battle

(Black Rose Writing, 2017)


(Quality Women's Fiction Magazine, 2007)


(Ontario Review Spring/Summer Edition, 2006)

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