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Gwendolyn Rachel Ackerman has covered the Israeli-Palestinian conflict since the first Palestinian uprising broke out in 1988. Along the way, she has met amazing people who opened their hearts and shared their experiences -- for which she will be eternally grateful. She wishes with all her heart that age-old grievances will eventually be put aside to create the possibility of a less violent future. 

Goddess of Battle by Gwendolyn Rachel Ackerman

"Goddess of Battle” tells the tale of two young women on opposite sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict who, despite what they suffer, manage to focus on what they have in common and forge a friendship that has the potential to change the world. Each is inspired by the struggle for civil rights in the United States, with has impacted on their lives in very different ways. 

“Ackerman shuns easy answers, instead giving full weight to exploring the complexities of the human heart”
Masha Hamilton, author

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Reading in Jaffa

Reading from Goddess of Battle at the Jaffa book store, probably the most appropriate place on earth to talk about a book that seeks to promote reconciliation. A big thank you to owner Michel, all my friends and family who came, and to Heidi Levine for the great photographs.

In a class I took last semester as part of a masters degree in creative writing, I presented the wise women of the book of Samuel ...

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